How printing finishes give quality and print look stunning

We create our design and put them together to promote marketing package for your business or yourself.  How to make your design stand out than other design out in the market?  However, we can use a range of various special print finishes available. Additionally a finish os a little will help to make marketing design outstanding from the crowd.

Here we discuss today different printing finishes we could try in our design to give a touch of quality to work.


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Laminating is a process of applying a thin plastic film to a printing material. It gives protection for printed ink and increases the look of the finished project, improve durability. Lamination can be of two types. Either it is Matt laminate or a Gloss laminate, depend on desired output. Glossy Laminate provides excellent way catch attention towards the design and colour by delivering extra shine. While Matt Laminate projects a sophisticated image.




Spot Gloss Highlighting:

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Finishing with simple printed designs like brochures, business cards and flyer by using spot gloss highlights result to strike the first impression. Spot Gloss Highlight defines applying the varnish to a specific area of design that you want to highlight. For Example, your brand logo, Name, Company or business names to make outstanding through catching light.  Here Spot UV apply in matt and glossy varnish or even glitter varnish. A gloss Spot is most widely used highlights nowadays. Spot Uv is the best used with lamination and results attractive design.






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Foiling is done by printing press machine, it stamps foil film on the design. Usually, it is done in a small area such as logo, name. A heated foil is pressed on the paper with a design. Foiling effect finishes changes overall look which gives coloured stock to your print.








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Emboss your design creates an attractive and impressive look and can be used with or without ink.  Embossing with ink is simple that emboss your selected design with colour stock while embossing without coloured ink is known as Blind Embossing. The embossing technique without ink particularly applicable to business cards, heavy material, letterhead and sometimes use with foil combination.







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Die Cutting facilitates you to cutting your design in a various shape other than simple regular shape like a rectangle. Die cutting is another simple way to make your printing design standing out than others. It is achieved using cutter which is constructed in the desired form and used to change the shape of paper printing design.

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