Graphic design for printing is notably based on the way people see them. Having something in hand - a folding brochure, paper piece or a pamphlet – is a different experience when compared to seeing something digital on the big print. Factors like how a design is viewed and where it is placed play a crucial role in decision makings related to the process of designing.

The visual quality of graphic design works is almost the same. What matters is the impression that the final design is capable of creating. Printed materials are capable of adding a tangible experience like that of shape and texture etc. or else effects such as embossing, screen-printing or letterpress. Web matters, on the other hand, make use of possibilities offered by interactive options including audio and video, for instance, animated illustrations for children’s e-book. The resolution too needs to be considered.

After you have forwarded a design to print, it remains permanent and unaltered. So, when you have to re-design, again it incurs investment. However, web design can anytime be changed, modified or entirely redone. If you are into any promotional campaigns, Graphic Design can be manipulated based on market responses and demands. Also, you should note that file types for print and the web vary considerably.

For the Graphic Design, there are several design elements that are important. Images and graphics, typography, lines, colors, and shapes etc. are a few to mention. However, layout requirements vary. In regard of print, entire information has to be placed with the limited printing surface.

Also in Graphic Design, size is a determining factor and this guides a designer regarding how space has to be utilized. It is based on the size he decides the elements and amount of content etc. There are definitely standard sizes for business cards, photos, letters, and posters etc. but the possibilities are in fact limitless as paper can be easily cut to any shape or size.

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